To move on or to dwell in the past?

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09/4/2012| 0 comments
by Neil Browne
Photoreporter Sirotti

To move on or to dwell in the past?

Are we going to enjoy the sport for the beauty or the swag?

pendulum of ‘tougher enforcement’ to ensure a cleaner sport has made strict liability unreasonable upon athletes. No one, not even those with the vastest resources can know every, minute detail of everything put into their body and test it prior to ingesting it with the specificity and scientific precision these labs who conduct testing possess.”

“The issue I have with the Contador decision is that even the CAS arbitrators noted that WADA and the UCI did not prove Contador intentionally cheated and they believed Contador’s ‘contamination’ theory, however a different avenue of contamination. However, the code is written in a way that it doesn’t matter that the arbitrators don’t believe he intended to cheat the way Armstrong, Hamilton and others have in the past who clearly had the intent, he is still punished the same.”

As we move forward we need to decide if we’re forgiving but not forgetting, or we’re going to let the scandals continue to drag us down. As I discussed with friends at a dinner party the other night – is it fair that the anonymous ten riders who gave evidence against Armstrong are allowed to walk with no repercussions? Yes, I believe so. The main head of the hydra has been cut off and we need to accept that the cost of that victory is to let the others go.

Will there be fallout in regards to other athletes testing positive due to accidental ingestion of a banned substance – a la Contador or Tom Zirbel? Unfortunately yes and sometimes that is the collateral damage. To complete our move forward as a sport we must find a way to eliminate this damage and find reasonable punishments to be applied in the case of positives stemming from unintentional ingestion of banned substances.

I know these are some “pie in the sky” dreams, but with leadership change at the top of the UCI I believe it is possible. Otherwise the sport will be reduced to people attending races hoping to collect free key chains tossed from a marketing car and people watching the races to hear factoids about random churches along the courses.


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