A mixed bag of cycling news

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10/8/2012| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
Jonathan Vaughters is about to get his own TV show Fotoreporter Sirotti

A mixed bag of cycling news

So much news, so little time. It's the end of the season, but that doesn't mean that the news stops.

a positive note. The Ciclismo site has narrowed the Miss Cycling contestants to a select group of six young ladies. And before you say that these women are nothing but eye-candy I suggest you take a look at the rules of the contest.

Chapter 1, article 2 clearly states that the contestants must be born a female and must use a bike, “even at non-competitive” which I'm going to assume the Google translated Italian means the contestants are not required to be competitive racers.

I'm sure you are tingling with excitement who might be crowned Miss Cycling 2012! Will it be Alessia Franchi? Could the sultry Diana Schillaci take the crown? Or RoadCycling.com’s favorite Angelica Meldo? Voting closes on the 25th so do your part and vote for your favorite. If there's something we don't want is for this to be reduced to a laughingstock of a competition. No one wants that ...


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I am not sure I see the need for his writing a column at all.