The media's role in the clean-up and reform of the UCI

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12/17/2012| 0 comments
by Mark Watson
Is the media letting Pat McQuaid and the UCI frame public opinion to their advantage?

The media's role in the clean-up and reform of the UCI

A look at how the media coverage of the current crisis in cycling may intentionally or unintentionally be contributing to preserving a status quo, which will lead to the UCI organization failing to undergo needed reforms in the wake of the Lance Armstrong doping scandal (4 pages)

you? A conflict of interest may arise.

On December 13 media entities were again used by UCI President McQuaid to sway public opinion about the current state of professional cycling. An interview on ESPN stated

Citing the London Olympics and the 100th Tour de France next year, McQuaid said professional cycling was in good condition. "Take away the Armstrong affair, and this has been a wonderful year," he said.

It appears that McQuaid is completely dismissing the importance of other happenings in the world of cycling in 2012 – including Schleck’s positive doping test, Visconti’s and Scarponi’s insignificant three month off-season bans for seeing a banned doping doctor and the man who supplied the clenbuterol-teinted meat to Contador being elected president of the Spanish cycling federation.

Cynics might compare McQuaid’s statement to a situation where Japan’s Prime Minister would have said "Take away the Fukushima tragedy, and this has been a wonderful year," when asked to evaluate 2011 and the state of the nation at the end of last year. A statement he would naturally never make.

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