The Lion of Flanders and Being Aero

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04/1/2014| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
It’s classics season again and you know what that means: The iconic flag that is virtually the symbol of these springtime classics – the Lion of Flanders Fotoreporter Sirotti

The Lion of Flanders and Being Aero

It’s the classics season and that means two things: lions and aerodynamics.

nothing can beat just being the strongest.

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jackcav's picture

At last years worlds you may remember it was teaming with rain, well I was forced to stand under it between jaunts in and out of a Florentine bar about 400 meters from the finish. The upside was that it was lousy with rabid Belgians or should I say drunken Flemish cycling fans? I was rocking an Irish Cycling tee because Canada had failed to select anyone who could possibly win. Once Dan Martin and Roche were finished they declared "Ireland is finished, you are for Belgium now", they had face paint in hand to emphasize the point. What could I do? Explain my parents were Irish Italian? Thought it was better to submit to a brown yellowish hue streaked across my forehead. NOW THAT IS EUROPEAN CYCLING!!! Go at least once and see its passion.