Life's Not Fair

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07/29/2013| 0 comments
by Neil Browne
To clean up cycling do we need to completely “clean house” and show zero leniency to those who have a dirty past? Fotoreporter Sirotti

Life's Not Fair

Stuart O'Grady and Erik Zabel discovered a harsh life lesson.

Are tennis and soccer up next?

So what’s the solution? Burying our heads in the sand and hoping this all goes away isn’t the answer and neither is amnesty. There is no fair way to deal with those who have gotten popped for doping. If everyone who ever doped comes clean they are still going to lose. They might clear their conscience (which so far for some people was worth the price) but those endorsement deals are done.

So I’m sorry, but there just isn’t a “fair” way to deal with this problem. These guys have to lay in the beds they made and hope that in time the fans will forgive them (they will) and the endorsements will return (Nike again endorses Michael Vick, so there’s a good chance they’ll forgive doping in their pursuit of profits). This is another harsh life lesson for those who thought they could skate by, cheat, and not get caught - life isn’t fair. Deal with it.

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