Lessons From an Unlikely Teacher

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06/15/2005| 0 comments
by Jim Lehman

Lessons From an Unlikely Teacher

The interesting thing about being a coach is that you often assume the role of the teacher.

and approach to racing, but over time he realized that he need to continue to evolve and that is what led him to seek endurance coaching.


Champion athletes always keep their eyes open for opportunities to get better, and Ben was looking for a way to improve his conditioning and ultimately his success on the racetrack. Better aerobic conditioning, core strength, and overall flexibility means he will be more alert during the closing moments of a race. As a result, he can concentrate on winning rather than thinking about how tired he is or if he is going to be able to make it through the intensity of the last five laps.   The same is true for bike racers; greater overall conditioning will help you sprint better at the end of long road race, even without doing a single sprint workout.   After proper consideration, we decided that introducing the bicycle and adjusting his diet would enhance his training and his performance on race day.   His willingness to explore new avenues, to think outside of the box, has helped him further his career and increase his level of enjoyment when he goes to ?work? each day.



It?s Not About the Bike:

Equipment is always an issue, but at the end of the day it is not the equipment that wins races, it is the rider.   The adage within motorcycle road racing is that it is 20% bike and 80% rider.   Of course you have to have a machine comparable to what the others are riding, but a great rider can make up for the slight limitations all bikes inevitably have, and reach the top step of the podium.   The best riders are able to adjust to their machines and learn how to successfully ride these bikes.   They are able to integrate the best attributes of the bikes with their personal strengths to win races.   In bicycle racing, you must look at the demands of each race and then form your strategy based on these demands and your personal strengths.   Have your equipment in order, but don?t let your equipment dictate your success in the races. Ultimately, you?re in control, not the equipment.


It?s About the Team

Teamwork is an integral aspect for a successful superbike rider.   Nothing could happen without coordinated and precise efforts of each and every member of the squad. Together they work in a cohesive fashion to put all the pieces in place, so distractions are minimized and the rider is able to focus on racing and training.   Ben gains confidence from knowing everyone in his corner is there to help him succeed.   The key is to surround yourself with positive people and remove those who have a negative impact on your life and your training. You cannot achieve greatness on your own; so surround yourself with great people who are supportive of your goals. Once again, this will not only impact your racing/training, but it will also improve your overall happiness in life

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