Landis Fails Tour Drug Test

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07/28/2006| 0 comments
by Gerald Churchill

Landis Fails Tour Drug Test

The 2006 Tour de France began in controversy and seems to have reentered it after its conclusion.

Given the testing that we now have have in place, I can?t believe that individuals take chances like this. If you look at the litany of events this year?not just this but before the Tour, then we just can?t take it anymore. There are no more excuses.?


Juan Fernandez, team director at Phonak, is disgusted. ?I am surprised and frustrated,? Fernandez says. It?s bad news. After 22 days of work, it?s obvious that it?s all been for nothing. We can only hope that the counteranalysis can change the result. If not, he should be expelled?.The things are the way they are. I don?t trust, and I won?t let myself trust anyone. I am beaten. It?s come out positive, and I don?t believe and I won?t let myself believe anymore.?


Dirk Demol, team director at Discovery Channel, presents a different picture. ?I cannot truly believe that Landis is positive,? Demol said. I never imagined anything behind his exploit [in Stage 17]. As an ex-pro, I know you can have a good day after a bad day and the legs can come back and succeed again. Be careful. The counteranalysis is not yet positive, and we shouldn?t draw too fast of a conclusion.?


Jonathan Vaughters, an ex-pro, the CEO of Slipstream Sports, and manager of the TIAA-CREF cycling team, gets the last word. ?I believe Floyd is innocent,? Vaughters avers. ?The majority of T/E [testosterone/epitestosterone] tests are overturned at the CAS [Court of Arbitration in Sport] level. The guy will probably be proven innocent in eight months? time, but in the short term, the media is killing him. Floyd is basically paying for the sins of all the morons who came before him, who have denied, denied, denied. He?s going to take the fall for everyone who has cried wolf before him. He?s going to be the guy who gets his head cut off, and that?s a real tragedy.?


Who is right? Is Floyd Landis a courageous cydist caught in a situation that is not of his own making, or is he a doper? Check in at and find out!


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