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09/14/2004| 0 comments
by Julian Dean
Julian Dean - Team Credit Agricole.
Julian Dean - Team Credit Agricole.

Julian Dean Diary

Tour of Britain.

to get some results for myself was nice. After my cagey start, I have actually had a solid season and have earned a lot of respect from my peers and bosses by doing some exceptional work for my team-mates. But as an athlete you like to win for yourself sometimes and although I didn?t win at the Tour of Britain, it gave me the confidence to know that I am still capable of getting results and it reminded me how rewarding it feels to achieve for yourself.

More important than winning though was that I had a good time. It was great to be out there on the last day with all the Kiwi supporters. Carole and a group of our friends were all there, flying the Silver Fern flags and making a right raucous on each of the 75 laps of the stage. I almost felt popular! And to race in the centre of London around Westminster with the Big Ben and the London Eye keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, on such a beautiful day was awesome. I certainly look forward to it next year.

With not much more left in the season, I have to try and get over my injuries before I can race competitively again. Immediately after the race I didn?t feel too sore but now my ribs are pretty painful and I feel really uncomfortable on the bike. I just hope that I have a speedy recovery to use the good form I still have to get some more results in the few remaining days of racing I have left.

My final races of the season are:

19th GP

Isbergues, France

23rd-26th Franco-Belge, France-Belgium

10th October Paris-Tours

See ya,



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