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08/22/2004| 0 comments
by Julian Dean
Julian Dean.
Julian Dean.

Julian Dean Diary

Olympic Fever.

him and he was gone. Now the bronze medal was taken as well and as the disorganised peloton floundered around, we came into a super chaotic sprint. There was no team left with enough riders to organise the peloton?s way out of a paper bag. I was first into the last corner but only riding slowly as we came through it. I looked back to see what was going on and as I did, a big group came from the left side of the road and moved over to the right. I jumped in with them getting pinned on the barrier. I got more and more squeezed and had to back off for a moment to wait for some space to open up?Then it was over. In the last few meters, once I could open myself up, I moved up through the bunch but it was too little too late. 15th place was to be my number.

I was bummed. I had exceptionally good feelings and raced beyond my expectations and although the result wasn?t bad, I felt that I had raced better than that. I felt that I was better than that. I truly believe I was one of the strongest guys out there. But that?s cycling. No matter how good you are on the day, results don?t always show that. I have to say though, the best guy won. I can?t think of anyone else out there racing that day that deserved the gold more than Bettini. He was friggin strong!

I feel I had one of the best races of my life in

. Never before have I been in groups with the quality of riders that I was surrounded by on this day and yet feeling as strong as, if not stronger than, most of them. Still, I didn?t manage to convert it into a good result and I feel some disappointment in that.

Anyway, gotta just move on now and get the rest of the season?s racing nailed. I?ve got a pretty hefty programme from now until mid-October so although mentally I feel as though I?ve used up my yearly quota of mental cards, I just have to grin and bare it see if I can?t get myself at least one notable result before the year is out.


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