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05/24/2004| 0 comments
by Carole Dean

Julian Dean Diary

And on it goes...

person I know who truly understands the crap pro-cycling can throw at ya from a pro-cyclist?s wife?s point-of-view. She is a sportsperson herself so also understands Julian?s struggles from an athlete?s point of view. She was the walker that almost won gold at the Sydney Olympics but was DQed as she walked into the stadium. She?s an awesome chick and quite often the four of us spend hot summer nights digging into a barby and sharing stories that only people with this kind of life, can truly relate to and understand. I think that?s the hardest part of this life sometimes ? being isolated emotionally. Not even our families truly understand what our lives are about and the kinds of emotional roller coaster rides we have to deal with time and time again. It?s a relief to have someone like Jane, who I can talk to whenever the shit hits the fan and know that what I?m saying and feeling, she completely understands where I?m coming from?. It?s actually quite funny sometimes. We get together and have a good whinge and bitch about our boys and get our cycling-husband frustrations off our chests before having a good laugh about it all and parting with lighter shoulders! It?s great!


So anyway, that?s it from me. Julz is gearing up on writing a diary very soon. He just has to find the right moment so stay tuned and hopefully by the end of this week, we should know whether Julz can start back on the road?.all appendages crossed.



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