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05/7/2004| 0 comments
by Carole Dean

Julian Dean Diary

Four days of Dunkerque - Stage 2.

And, much to his dismay, I?ll be in total control of what he eats for the next week or so, which means he won?t be able to sneak those Mars Bars and chocolate croissants past me so we should be able to keep his weight down.


For now, we?re trying not to think about what this might mean further down the track. Obviously one of Julian?s main goals for the season is to make it to the Tour. It?s not impossible but it?s definitely not as possible as it was this time yesterday. We?re just going to do what we do best and take things one day at a time and just hope like buggery that some of that ever-elusive good luck lands itself on Julian?s lap.

So, stay tuned. This site is never short of drama to keep you entertained...


Carole & Julz


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