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09/23/2003| 0 comments
by Julian Dean
Julian Dean - Team CSC sprinter.
Julian Dean - Team CSC sprinter.

Julian Dean Diary

Vuelta exit...

my Vuelta came to a premature end.


It has been over a week now since I stopped the race.   I still haven't really come to grips with the disappointment.   People tell me that I must try and turn it into a positive, that I have other races I can concentrate on and do well in.   But it's not the same to me.   As much as I'm trying to lift my morale and deal myself out another 'mental card', it's real hard.   Especially with only 2 weeks left in my season.   As our Spanish friend, Teo said, when I tried to be philosophical about the whole thing by saying there are other races I have to focus on now... Yeah, but this was the Vuelta and you had the form to do something big.   This was your moment and it may not come around again anytime soon...Que mucha pena...Que mala suerte he would say repeatedly.   He's been the only person to say what Carole and I have ourselves thought so often since my exit from the race.


I haven't even been able to watch the Vuelta on TV.   I tried to the first few days after I got home from the
Pyrenees but it was doing my head in.   Besides, it's hard enough with people telling me that it's a shame I had to drop out and how I could've made some major results, let alone watching the sprints that I should be a part of, on the box.   I guess time will be the only thing that'll get me over the heavy feeling of disappointment that I feel so much of right now.   Time...and other races.


Next on the list is Franco-Belge - a four day tour in
.  Every race is important now.   At this point, I still haven't had any word on a contract. Things are not looking good and I don't know which team I'll be going to.   The big problem with our team at the moment is that most of the riders I'll be going to race with this week and next week, haven't got contracts either and will be going all out to try and get results - and contracts - in the 11th hour.   It's going to be a tough couple of weeks.   We'll just ride this roller coaster and see what happens.





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