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09/7/2003| 0 comments
by Julian Dean
Julian Dean - Team CSC sprinter.
Julian Dean - Team CSC sprinter.

Julian Dean Diary

Get, set, go!!!

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Well, we're two days into the Vuelta and for me it hasn't been two very comfortable days.  The Team Time Trial was difficult and I suffered a lot. I wasn't good at all.  I missed a lot of turns and frankly, I wasn't a lot of use to the team.  Not really sure what the story was but it's just like that sometimes.  Some days the body goes on strike and no matter how hard you wanna go, your body just says, "NO!".  A Team Time Trial is a very difficult event to start a tour with and to make things even worse, the course itself was difficult.  However, I made it through and I guess that this was the most important thing.  Good thing it was only 28km or so...


Today's first stage was not really your typical first stage.  I felt really nervous about it actually - given how bad I was feeling yesterday.  And only adding to my nervous energy was the thought of the first hard climb 6km into the stage.  The whole day was up and down with a cat 2 climb and a cat 1 at the end.  I had a plan just to suffer as much as I could and I knew that if I could make it over the cat. 2 climb to the bottom of the cat. 1, which was only 25km from the finish, I would be sweet.  All in all, it went pretty smooth and I was able to stick to my plan.  The peloton split a little before the cat. 1 but we were a big group and I was able to roll to the finish no problems.  I survived the first day.  Phew!  Only 19 more stages to go!


To be honest with ya, I'm still a little uneasy with how I'm feeling.  The big mountains are only a few days away.  I hope I'll improve over the next few days so I can survive the mountain stages to get to those later stages that are suited to me.  I guess I can only take it a day at a time and see how it goes.


As for tomorrow, it should be one of the few chances for a sprint finish and I'm sure the sprinters' teams will want to make the most of it.  Might be time to get in amongst it all!  Although, my legs are feeling really blocked at the moment so I'm going into tomorrow's stage feeling quite a bit of apprehension.  Even if I don't have the legs to be competitive in the sprint, I'm sure the effort will help those pins of mine to loosen up?


Spot ya,

Julian Dean
Team CSC

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