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08/3/2003| 0 comments
by Julian Dean
Julian Dean - Team CSC sprinter.
Julian Dean - Team CSC sprinter.

Julian Dean Diary

Tour of Region Wallone.

yellow jersey.


The fifth and final day was going to be hard.  It was possible that I could win but I didn't really like my chances a whole lot.  It would be difficult for the team to control the race but we had to give it a nudge.


An early break went and Bartoli's team, Fassa Bortolo, kept it at 2 mins so the intermediate sprints would be taken by guys who weren't a threat to the yellow jersey.  For them, the plan was working out well.  For me, my chances were quickly disappearing.  The only likelihood of knocking off Bartoli from the top of the podium would be to win the stage.


Over the final 25km, after the last intermediate sprint, Fassa Bortolo brought the breakaway back.  Now my only chance was to win the stage.  It was going to be a very important sprint.  I had to win.  I couldn't settle for second and have Bartoli 3rd as I wouldn't get enough bonus seconds to move ahead of him.  And, as most of you now know, I didn't.


I was a little lucky in the end as the race was a little out of control over the last kms.  My team had pretty much already killed themselves for me so if I had to be out there alone, it's better that it being a disorganised final. It came together in the last 1km and I found myself at the front.  I had to slow a bit and let a few guys come around me so I could get onto a wheel.

At 150m to go, I punched it as hard as I could to the line taking the victory, with the Italian on my wheel getting second place.


The interesting thing about this result was that it put us on equal time.  I was determined as the overall winner based on my previous stage placings which were better than Bartoli's.  Goes to show just how important those non-placings can be!!!!


I was so stoked.  This is a great victory for me and once again I have my awesome wife to thank for so much of it. We both worked so hard in July to be good now and the benefits have come sooner than we both expected, which is just awesome for us.

Now I'm in
for the World Cup on Sunday.  We drove here from
and managed to get well and truly stuck in a traffic jam, finally arriving at this morning.  I'm pretty tired still so I hope I can recover before tomorrow's big race...

Julian Dean
Team CSC

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