James Louter Interview

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12/11/2004| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

James Louter Interview

Ian talks to the Director Sportif of Team DFL - Britain's new pro cycling team.

today?s more successful teams such as USPS and CSC,? explained James.  ?It all came down to planning and, then importantly sticking to it ... If this was easy, everyone would be doing and success would not be as sweet. What's important here is we have a solid main sponsor in DFL and together with our partners Trek, Rudy Project, Schwalbe and In-gearonline we are building a sustainable outfit for the future that people can put their faith in and support.?


Having spent a number of years without a leading professional team, 2005 will see two British based teams launched, both eager to harness the countries own young talent.  In the past, British riders have not had the best reputation in
Europe.  Many have tried but only a handful have been successful in securing that elusive professional contract and making their living in
Europe.  In recent years, Charlie Wegelius, Roger Hammond, Jeremy Hunt and, until the unfortunate events of earlier this year, David Millar have been the select few who are capable of doing just this.

Louter does not believe that this will prove a problem however.  ?
certainly has enough talented riders. The key is their attitude and approach to bike racing. In the past, many a talented British rider would go over to the continent only to come home after a short period because they couldn?t hack the lifestyle, not lack of talent. Europe can be too old school in its approach at times, resulting in some being excluded. One of my motivations for setting up this team is to bridge that gap, giving talented riders a familiar environment in which to maximize their talent.? Louter commented that, ?I?d like British riders to see us as a team to aim for when having aspirations of becoming a pro.? Louter added that,  ?Cycling is a global sport and it?s time
really stood up to be counted on the road.  For a British company sponsoring cycling in
it is important to have British riders doing the business.?


Team DFL begins its 2005 campaign at the Tour of Siam in
in January.  The team will ride Trek Madone bikes with Bontrager Aero and X-Lite wheels fitted with Schwalbe tires and tubes.  The team will be dressed in Nike shoes and clothes with Rudy Project helmets and glasses. In-gearonline.co.uk will also add further support to the team.




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