Italian Doctor Found Guilty

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10/4/2004| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

Italian Doctor Found Guilty

Armstrong and USPS re-think.

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ruled that Italian Dr Ferrari was guilty on charges of sporting fraud and of writing too many prescriptions.  Judge Maurizio Passarini ruled he was not guilty of administering drugs in a manner harmful to health however as, ?there were no facts to prove this accusation.?   Passarini has requested that Dr Ferrari receive a sentence of one year of confinement and a 900 Euro fine.  He could also be suspended from practicing medicine for 12 months if the sentence is passed.  The final verdict remains dependant upon the appeal lodged by Ferrari?s attorney, Avv. Bolognesi.  ?The most important accusation against Dr Ferrari was thrown out and the rest of the case rests on the interpretation of the declarations of Filippo Simeoni,? said Bolognesi. Ferrari added that, ?I wasn?t expecting this sentence because I?m convinced I am innocent in the entire affair.?

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Dr Ferrari?s most famous client in the past few years, Lance Armstrong, released a statement following the Judge?s verdict in which he and the USPS team announced a suspension of all work carried out in conjunction with the Italian.  ?I was disappointed to learn of the Italian court?s judgment against Dr Michele Ferrari,? said the six-time Tour de France winner.  ?Dr Ferrari has been a long-time friend and trusted advisor to me and the USPS team, during which time he never suggested, prescribed or provided me with any performance-enhancing drugs.  I was pleased to hear that Dr Ferrari was acquitted of the charge of providing illegal drugs to athletes.  I am not surprised by that verdict.  However I have always said that I have a zero tolerance for anyone convicted of using or facilitating the use of performance enhancing drugs.?   Armstrong continued that, ?as of today?s developments, the USPS and I have suspended our professional affiliation with Dr Ferrari as we await the release of the full verdict, which will contain Judge Maurizio Passarini?s reasoning.  In the meantime, I personally wish the very best for Dr Ferrari and his family during this difficult time.?

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