Increasing Your Sprinting Power

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06/7/2003| 0 comments
by Ryan Oelkers

Increasing Your Sprinting Power

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it?s better to be patient and follow the riders in front of you.   When they begin to slow down, it?s time to start sprinting.   The high speeds in downhill sprints make it much more difficult to pass competitors.   Start your sprint earlier because the race ends much quicker.  


Whether you race criteriums, cyclecross, MTB, or road races, having a good sprint will give you an advantage over your competitors.   Working on your sprint year round will also help increase your explosive power for quick accelerations, top-end speed, and help with your pedal cadence.   Strength training, (FS), (S), (PS), (HSS), and (SA), are all great ways to help you improve your sprint.   Along with the training, tactics are extremely important in the game of sprinting.   Knowing the racecourse, wind direction, and when to make your move will give you added confidence against the competition.


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