Increasing Your Sprinting Power

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06/7/2003| 0 comments
by Ryan Oelkers

Increasing Your Sprinting Power

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training is also beneficial while you are lifting in the winter because it allows greater aerobic benefits with less time on the bike and more time in the gym.     


As the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, it?s time to turn your attention away from the gym and apply that new strength over to the bike.   Stomps will help you increase your power.   These should be done on a flat road in a large gear (53 x 12 or 13).   Start the efforts at 15 mph and while staying seated, begin ?stomping? the pedals as hard as possible while maintaining smooth pedal strokes.   Also, keep your upper body completely still during these efforts and let your legs do all of the driving.   Each stomp should be between 15 and 20 seconds with at least 5 minutes recovery between each.


Power Starts (PS) will also increase your power.   They are short, max efforts of 8 ? 12 seconds.  Adequate recovery between each is a necessary to replace the ATP (energy used for muscle contractions) levels.   They can be done on the flat or even a slight incline to generate even more power.   The gears also need to be large (53 x 12-15) for (PS).   To start, roll at low speed and come to a standstill.   Explode out of the saddle pushing down on the pedals.   Keep your upper body still and concentrate on putting out a max effort.


As your season gets underway, you can move away from the power sprints to more speed orientated efforts.   High Speed Sprints (HSS) is a great workout to improve your top-end speed and power.   To do these, roll down a slight downhill in a large gear at 20 ? 30 mph.   Jump out of the saddle and accelerate.   After reaching your top speed, sit back in the saddle and hold speed for entire effort.   Cadence should be 110 + and it?s also important to maintain form.   (HSS) will last between 8 ? 10 seconds.   Riders should allow proper recover between each (5 ? 20 minutes).   <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /?> (HSS) are plenty for a good workout.


It?s also a good idea to practice sprinting with friends.   Flat Sprints (FS) are great exercises to practice your tactics in addition to improving your acceleration and speed.   On flat terrain, roll along at 15 ? 20 mph in light gear.   Jump out of the saddle and accelerate the entire time.   Sit back in saddle and concentrate smooth and efficient form.   (FS) are eight ? ten seconds in length, but should be done as max effort with enough recovery between each.   When doing these with other riders, take turns practicing lead-outs.   For the rider leading the sprint out, check your opponent?s position by looking under your arms to see if the other riders are making their moves.   For those who are being led out, watch the


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