I Rode the World Championships Road Course

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10/9/2003| 0 comments
by David Cohen

I Rode the World Championships Road Course

I finally did it.  Cycled the road race course for the Hamilton 2003 Road World Cycling Championships, that is. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /?>

the rear.  It seemed like a train.  I got out of the way, quickly.


The next challenge was the descent on the Claremont Access.  I am not a great descender.  I am a chicken, if truth were told.  I got even more apprehensive than normally when I noticed that the road was wet. I could see a skid, a crash, a thigh and behind severely skinned...


But, breaks constantly on, I made it without incident.   But my forearms were tense.


At the bottom of the hill there was a little knot of spectators behind a barrier.  Someone applauded.  It cheered me no end.


Up the
.  Not nearly as tough as the

Queen Street

hill.  Much more gradual.  Riders continued to glide by, in two and threes.  Two Italians passed. I greeted them.  One returned the greeting in perfect English.


Up on ?the mountain? once more and now the final descent.  Body tenses again, even though I?m m ore used to this descent.  It?s really a beautiful road.  Riders susceptible to nature?s charms should be warned.  Pay attention.


I made it to the bottom without incident.   But as I turned past
St. Joseph
?s Hospital I was spotted by a race official as an impostor and asked to take the next exit.  I could have ignored her and tried my hand at that ?technical? turn at James and
Main but?. It would be a little farther to ride home.  I had a lot to do, etc.  I left the course.


But I did it (well, most of it)!


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