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11/20/2012| 0 comments
by Neil Browne
At Thanksgiving we give thanks and I wanted to remember the cycling industry Fotoreporter Sirotti

Giving Thanks

Once a year we give thanks and I wanted to remember the cycling industry.

WTF! I'm giving thanks to Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle's book, “The Secret Race.”

They introduced us to a lexicon of new words and phrases. We got “glow-time” - the amount of time you had when you could still return a positive for a doping test. Or what about “not normal”? Armstrong used this phrase to describe riders who he thought were doping. My favorite is “paniagua” - translated means “bread and water” and means that a rider was riding clean.

Finally, I'm going to raise my glass this Thursday to Travis Tygart of USADA. He did the job that needed to be done – exposing an American hero for what he was – a cheat, liar and a petty thug. Tygart and his staff faced death threats as they chipped away at the evidence that proved Lance Armstrong had cheated his way to those victories. If you think the final chapter is written think again. More will be revealed.

There's a lot more I'm thankful for, like friends, family and those serving our country. I'll remember them this Thursday, but this post enabled me to give thanks to those in the cycling world. My final thanks is to the cycling industry. Yeah I'm at times tough on it, but I really do it out of love.


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