Epic Preparation for Tour de France Challenge

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10/13/2005| 0 comments
by Josh Powers

Epic Preparation for Tour de France Challenge

Nothing worth having comes easy.

the bike and keep down with relative ease should suffice; then throughout the day supplement your caloric intake with sports drinks and gels to help fill the gaps between feedings.  


Make sure you have some food accessible to you immediately after you get off the bike.   A recovery drink is important for jumpstarting the process, but get some sort of solid food in you as well.   Remember, when completing multi-day events, tomorrow?s ride starts when you get off the bike today. You don?t need to make things any more difficult than they already are, so take care of your body.   The first thing you do when you get off your bike is consume your recovery drink.   The second thing you do is get out of your cycling shorts and clean ?the undercarriage? with some baby wipes. Do this even if you?re going to take a shower relatively soon. Your rear is going to hurt enough as it is without throwing a couple festering saddle sores into the mix.  


Take care of your contact points.   If you have hand problems, wear gloves and think about double wrapping your handlebars for some extra cushion. Make sure you?re sitting on a seat that won?t anger your bum and keep a close eye on your feet.   Comfortable shoes are a must and make sure you bring along some sort of blister treatment.   Overuse injuries are a huge possibility as well, so ice any aches and pains as soon as you can; anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling are also a must.



No matter how much you prepare, there will always be those wild cards that can throw the day into a tailspin.   Crashes happen, and you?re lucky if you can walk away from them without missing half of the skin on your backside, so make sure you?ve got plenty of first aid supplies.   Support cars can get caught in traffic, and as any mechanical object is prone to breakdowns, don?t rely on the support vehicle being there whenever you need it.   Take with you plenty of water and don?t run it dry before you refill.   Keep plenty of food in your pockets. It?s not heavy, and its benefits outweigh (pun intended, sorry) its actual bulk. A bonk can hit you like an angry bull, and when you?re on a bike for as long as we were, it?s bound to happen to a few people.  


Keep an eye on the riders around you.   They won?t do anybody any good if they?re swerving off the back of the group looking through one eye to keep from seeing double.   If you notice somebody isn?t eating or drinking enough, don?t be afraid to give them a friendly reminder.   Keeping an eye on the route is something you need to do as well.   Don?t just follow the rider in front of you, keep your head up and have an idea of where you?re going.   This can be pretty difficult


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