The Do's and Don'ts For 2005

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01/12/2005| 0 comments
by Chris Carmichael

The Do's and Don'ts For 2005

The dawn of a new year gives everyone a fresh start.

in a limited amount of time, but only if you use it wisely. If your goal is to get faster on the bike, make sure your training activities will actually make you faster. This gets back to a few of the points I made earlier; matching your nutrition program to your activity level can reduce or eliminate the need to add training load in order to drop weight. Using a power meter can increase the efficiency of your training by accurately telling you how much work you?ve done, as well as when you?ve done too much. Adopting some new ideas, like shifting the balance of volume and intensity, can help address the challenge of having limited time to train as well. All of these things are aimed at eliminating wasted efforts, so you derive the maximum benefit from the time you have available.


As we close 2004 and look forward to the year ahead, I encourage you to take some time to acknowledge all the things you accomplished in the past year. While preparing for your future goals is important, so is allowing yourself to experience the satisfaction and pride that comes from accomplishment. I hope we all have a safe and fruitful year in 2005. Happy New Year.


Chris Carmichael is Lance Armstrong?s coach and author of ?Chris Carmichael?s Food For Fitness: Eat Right to Train Right .?


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