David Zabriskie Interview

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01/12/2005| 0 comments
by Tommy W. Murphy and Ian Melvin
Dave Zabriskie. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.
Dave Zabriskie. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.

David Zabriskie Interview

We caught up with David for a quick chat shortly before he left to meet up with his new teammates.

a rider like myself.


Have you had the chance to meet your new CSC teammates yet? Do you know many of the guys?

Not yet, I will be meeting the team later this month.   I know a couple of the guys and the ones that I don?t know seem very nice.


The past few years have been quite the roller coaster ride for you. It seems like motorists just like to run you over. After being hit by a car last year, shattering your leg, do you feel like you?re back to 100%?

Yes I feel that I?m back 100%. It really took a lot of time and hard work and I?m happy to be back.



Your now-former teammate Lance Armstrong is famous for using the saying ?make every obstacle an opportunity.? Do you think that the serious crashes that you were involved in have benefited your career in any way?

Things like that always are challenging mentally and physically.   It?s hard to see at the moment but in the long run it?s experiences like that, that make you who you are.


Have you begun your training and preparation for next year?

I have begun training. Easy miles and some core workouts.


There?s been a lot going on in the world of racing this year. What do you think about all of the changes and the new Pro Tour?

I think things won?t change too much. In the end a bike race is a bike race.


What are you goals for next year and the forthcoming seasons?  In which direction do you see your career progressing - Grand
, small stage races, classics, etc?

I think I will progress more towards stage races - especially ones with TT?s.


Are there any particular races that you consider major objectives for next year?

Not yet.



This year has proven to be another controversial year for drugs. How do you feel about the testing and its validity?

I feel that the testing is a good thing.   It?s not fair to compete against cheaters.


How often do you undergo testing?

I?d say 3 times a month in the off season and all the time during the races. But it?s very random - you never know when it will take place.


When do you see yourself making the trip back over the pond?

I?m coming back for the team?s first training camp later this month.


How many miles do you normally log in a year?

A lot!


What?s your favorite thing to eat (and or drink) on the bike?

On the bike I just drink something with sugars, and eat energy bars.


What did you dress up as for Halloween?

I dressed up as the Titanic.


You have become quite the resource for ?butt fluff? and saddle sores. Do you have any other secret training tips you can share with us?

Crack your toes before you put on your cycling shoes.


David Zabriskie bio:

DOB: 1/12/1979

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