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07/17/2005| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Georg Totschnig takes the stage win. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.
Georg Totschnig takes the stage win. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles

2005 Tour de France - Stage 14.

2005 Tour de France - Stage 14


The suspense is over but there was a surprise. I?m talking about Totschnig. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /?>


This guy went away with nine others after only 7 km into the race. None of the ten seemed notable. Of the 160 riders who started today, probably none of them thought he would win the stage. The break had nearly 10 minutes over the peloton at one time. Combine the heat and the difficulty of the stage itself, it would be only a matter of time before they would crack.




After 6 years and half of this Tour, some teams (namely T-Mobile) finally figured out what to do. Attack, attack, attack! Different teams even worked together. Discovery Channel did nothing and seemed to abandon Lance. Hell, Lance didn?t even do anything! I think he should go before it?s too late. Oh well, nobody ever accused me of being smart. Hmmm, maybe more mind games.


There goes Rasmussen! Lance has to do something and he does. He goes alone. Vino seems cooked. Lance catches and sucks some wheel. Everyone forgets (or doesn't care) about the lead group.


Basso, Ullrich, Landis, and Armstrong are holding tough. Hey, here comes Euskaltel Euskadi! I get to say their name again. Zubeldia makes a brief appearance for the team. Soon T-Mobile and Phonak have 2 teammates apiece. Where is Discovery Channel? Oh well, it turns out Nardello for T-Mobile and Moos for Phonak have nothing.


Ullrich and Basso just end up wasting energy when they try attacks starting at 32 km to go. It might have added to the plot and raised the voice of the TV commentators for a moment.


Lance may not have any teammates, but fellow countrymen Leipheimer and Landis are there. I think Lance is a bit friendlier to Levi than his former postie teammate. Vino comes back but just didn?t have the gas to do any damage. Give him credit though as he does the right thing for his team. With 7km to go, Totschnig still has 4 minutes over the chasers. Basso tries again and Lance doesn?t even flinch. He is focused.



Lance finally has had enough of the games and spurts away. He seems to drain the will and energy out of Ullrich and Basso. The commentators remark about the position of the zipper on their jerseys. They seem to equate their fatigue level to the opening of their jersey. Ivan?s and Jan?s are flapping in the breeze while Lance's is half-open. Lance starts doing his pedal dance a little faster.


In the end, Lance gets 2nd to Totschnig and wins his 7th straight Tour de France (well?not quite yet, that is). A HUGE effort by Georg. Give that man a beer! He said later a win has been his dream since he was 15 years old. The world loves it when dreams come true. Congratulations once again to Totschnig.


Jan gets a little upset when questioned by the reporters. Can?t blame him, you know how


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