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07/6/2006| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Freire takes the stage win. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.
Freire takes the stage win. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles

2006 Tour de France - Stage 5.

Good news is Julz (Julian Dean) is ok. Bad news is he was fined 200 Swiss Francs for crashing. Are there Francs out there other than Swiss? I don?t think so. Maybe we should call em Swiss Little Smokies! Sorry, haven?t had breakfast and I?m a bit distracted. I need a DQ Blizzard. Anyway, that?s $162.5686 in my money. I say we all chip in a few cents to pay off his penalty. Just send it to me and I?ll make sure it gets deposited?I?m not sure what he did wrong. My first view looked like he was leaning in on another rider and just fell when he didn?t have anyone to stop his leaning. The second view appeared as though Julz looked left then was bulldozed in the shoulder by another racer coming from his right. Ok, I just pulled 27 cents out of my pocket. The rest of you better step up.


The God of Thunder was also spanked for being ?irregular?. C?mon, give the guy a break. We?ve all been irregular a time or two in our life. I find it to be a bit more common as you get older. Pepto Bismol works pretty well. Did anyone see what Thor did wrong? The alleged victim was Eisel whose own director said Thor didn?t do anything wrong. I?ve seen people hiccup and go offline more than what Thor did yesterday. It doesn?t seem just to me.


And then, there was this one time at band camp?Hold on, I?m dribbling way to much for it only being stage 5. I?m getting my shirt all wet. I need something to calm me down. Where?s that DQ?



Ok, back to the race. Dumoulin and Schroder went off to lead the peloton for about 200 km before we all knew they were going to get caught. It took the efforts of Quick Step, Credit Agricole, and Davitamon-Lotto to bring them in. A composite group of other teams helped along the way. A crash blocks Boonen from the peloton but he rejoins without major difficulty. Martinez goes down and is slow to get up. He is able to get an escort back to the peloton. He just added to the pain he must still be feeling from yesterday?s effort.


It seems like Boonen wants to win the stage but can?t make it past Freire. Nice going Oscar! Tom still keeps his yellow shirt.


C?ya tomorrow, I?m off to DQ er, I mean to the bank to make a deposit!


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