Cyclo-Cross - Your Secret Weapon for Winter Training

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12/15/2005| 0 comments
by Jim Lehman

Cyclo-Cross - Your Secret Weapon for Winter Training

Cycling tradition used to dictate that a cyclist spent the winter recovering from the summer road racing season.

a local part and perform 45-60 minute sessions on this course.   Make sure you add a few short climbs and descents to the loop to test your technical skills.   So whether you decide to race ?cross or use it as a training tool, it is a great way to add some intensity and variety to your winter program, thus helping you maintain motivation and focus during the short/dark days of winter.


Cyclo-cross incorporates aspects of nearly every form of cycling, so it can be a great way for you to improve your overall skills and fitness during a potentially tedious part of the season.   With the investment of a few hours a week, you have the opportunity to get a leg up on next year?s competition and keep warm and sane during the long, cold winter.



Jim Lehman is a Premier Coach with Carmichael Training Systems, Inc. (CTS) who works with several young rising stars, including US cyclo-cross star Ryan Trebon, Credit Agricole rider Saul Raisin, Navigator?s pro Phil Zajicek, and Subaru-Gary Fisher?s
Koerber. To find out what CTS can do for you, visit


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