Chris Boardman Interview

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07/22/2003| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin
Chris Boardman.
Chris Boardman.

Chris Boardman Interview

Ian speaks to Boardman about this year's Tour and the recent attempt on his one hour record.

still the case or is cycling getting its house in order?
It will always be the case in all sports (life in general for that matter) that people will try to take short cuts and influence the result of things in there favour. At some points in history, you are winning more battles than you are loosing and vice versa. I take this generally philosophical stand point or it gets depressing.

Going back to Millar, he's been quoted, as saying that one thing he's also looking at is the hour record, which you presently hold.  Is he the sort of rider who you think has the ability to beat your record?
Yes he is.

British Tester Michael Hutchinson recently attempted to beat your record but pulled up after 40 minutes.  Were you there to watch his attempt?  What do you think of his efforts?
No I was away.
People think the hour is simply about riding around in circles as fast as you can until someone says stop, I'm afraid it is a lot more complicated than Michael found out. I think his was a good effort and I believe he learned a lot from it that will make him a better bike rider. I was saddened though that the UCI let him use a blade seat pin, a non ANNSI and SNELL helmet and aero forks, they really need to knuckle down to the simple set of rules we set out or they will be back to it being about technology in not time.

You were involved in coaching the Irish track squad at
for the B-World Track Championships.  Is this something you hope to do more of in the future?  Will we see you working with the British team?
I am an 'expert advisor' to the British team and ran a 7 month project in

setting up a National track team for them. This culminated in the B-Worlds where they finished in the top 10 in every event and qualified an Olympic place (with a guy who has never raced on the the Kerin)
It was a very educational experience, I enjoyed it but it was too time consuming to repeat whilst I work for the British team.

Ex-British pro Sean Yates has been working with the CSC team this season.  Have you ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Director Sportif?  
Never, they work harder that the riders, it is a labor of love and I have other loves these days.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to

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