Canadian Cycling Hero Takes Leading Role in World Championships 2003

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02/22/2003| 0 comments
by David Cohen

Canadian Cycling Hero Takes Leading Role in World Championships 2003

Interview with Steve Bauer

about ? the 'drive for five'.   So, I don't think we'll hear from Lance until at least the end of July."


Bauer expects that WC will be "big?but Lance, if he competes, will make it bigger -- and better."


But Bauer is also thinking about the WC "legacy", part of which should be the fostering of enthusiasm for cycling and racing in ordinary folks. That's why he's trying to organize a "participation" event prior to the championships.


You can be sure Steve Bauer himself will manage to get on a bike in such a race. As he says, it's his kind of course.


But . . . could he ride with the likes of Lance et al?

Bauer ponders, and then laughs:   "Who knows, with a bit of training I may be able to hang in for a few laps?. At least I could say, I did it!"

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Although Steve Bauer has been in retirement for about six years, he recognizes a lot of the names on the world road rankings list when it's handed to him.


"Oh, I raced with him?and him?and?" he muses as he goes down the list.   After he finishes circling names of racers he thinks have a chance of winning the World Championships 2003 in Hamilton next October 6-12, he says, "I guess I competed against half the people on this list at one time or another."


So he knows whereof he speaks.  


Bauer thinks that a "strong man" will win the big race next October.   "It will be an all-rounder, a guy who can climb, a guy who can do the descents, a guy who can sprint."


And, of course, leading this list of strong men would be Lance Armstrong -- if he competes. But Bauer believes a lot of other people could win -- whether Lance is in the race or not.


Here are some of the names he circled in addition to Armstrong's: Bettini, Frigo, Casagrande, Rebellin, Bartoli, Museeuw, Boogerd, Freire, Dekker, Evans (Cadel), Hamilton, Camenzind, Simoni, Voigt, Leipheimer.


Stay tuned to as we continue our series of 2003 Hamilton Road World Championships background articles.


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