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06/30/2004| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen
Bobby Julich with his daughter Olivia. Photo copyright Angela Julich.
Bobby Julich with his daughter Olivia. Photo copyright Angela Julich.

Bobby Julich Interview

Thomas Valentinsen talks to Bobby Julich before the start of the 2004 Tour de France.

. Explain what happened?

It was my first race in
Europe after almost two months in
. I felt very strong, and perhaps over confident in the first stages, but as we hit the high mountains, I didn?t feel like I had the form to stay in the front group. Perhaps I was a little bit too exited the first days.


Have you taken any steps to make sure that history won?t repeat itself in the Tour de France?

Well, I?m definitely more hungry now going into the Tour, than if I?d made the podium in
, but there?s no crystal ball, the Tour is a battle every day. There are gonna be days when you take one on the chin.

In what stages should our readers look out for Team CSC? When can they expect to see you excel?
The team time trial is the first big test. The next week could be very important, as everybody?s waiting for the Alpe d?Huez time trial. Here we?ll go for stage wins, but I think it?s in the last week of the Tour you?ll see Team CSC make its mark on the race.


You have been part of the pro scene for a long time. Do you see your current contract as your last one, or do you see a future in cycling beyond it?

When you at last find what you?ve been looking for your whole career, you wanna continue. I?ll be 33 in November, and I hope to be on the team for at least two more years. In my opinion, it?s important to keep the core group of guys together.


Both Lance Armstrong and Tyler Hamilton have started their own foundations supporting people in need. Do you plan to do something similar? Why, why not? Tell us about your expectations for your life after pro cycling.

I haven?t really been in a big fundraising awareness campaign. I do however help people by donating money to juniors and things like the 9/11 campaign, but Lance and
have much more of a name than I do, and sometimes things come up naturally. Nothing has come into mind or presented itself in front of me yet. I would like to spend time after my cycling career, helping people on a grassroots level and I?d love to do some charity work, cause the meaning of life is to help other people.


Thank you for taking the time to do an interview with us Bobby. The whole team here at Roadcycling.com wishes you great success in this year?s Tour de France.

Thank you Thomas.


Stay tuned to Roadcycling.com as we continue our 2004 Tour de France coverage ...


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