Blood Doping In Cycling

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09/22/2004| 0 comments
by Chad Asplund, MD

Blood Doping In Cycling

The blood testing results of Tyler Hamilton have continued to fuel the speculation that all successful cyclists are doped.

to 2 months prior to the test. This testing is very accurate with a false positive rate of less than 5%.


?s case, if the ultra-sensitive flow cytometry technique could detect cells from a blood transfusion for up to 55 days, it could be assumed that the doping tests done following the Tour de France and Athens Olympics would also have shown ?mixed blood cells?.   The fact that he has never had a positive (or non-negative) test in the last 10 years is in his favor.   We should withhold any further judgment regarding the test results until all the results have been disclosed and all the information is known.


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