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12/22/2002| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

Blackburn TrakPump Pro TP-4

Review of the Blackburn floor pump

Cyclists are always in need of a floor pump. If I take the one out of the garage to use on the road, then I don?t put it back. If I leave it in the garage, then I don?t have one for the road! That?s where the Blackburn TrakPump Pro will solve my problems.



The TrakPump Pro is a hefty piece of 6061 aluminum. I like the wide platform base with some ribbed edges to help keep your shoes from slipping off. The large, two inch diameter gauge is placed at the top of the barrel for us old guys who?s eyesight is going bad! The black needle on a white background is easy to see. The numbers on the gauge are in increments of twenty with hash marks in five-pound increments. The 40 and 100 pound numbers are in red for quick reference points to both roadies and mountain bikers. Blackburn didn?t forget about those metric guys as the gauge can also be read in BAR?s. The gauge has a protective rubber ring with a bright white triangle mark, which can be rotated to mark your commonly used pressure setting.

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The hose is stowed by looping it under a hook at the bottom of the barrel and then clamps to a wire pinch further up on the hose. The dual head nozzle can pump both presta and Schrader valves. I found pushing the nozzle head onto the valve stem to be an easy one-handed operation. After you push it on, simply twist tab on the hose with your thumb to lock it on. The tab twists towards the valve stem. Unfortunately, you won?t be able to air up your disc wheels or tri spokes with this nozzle design.


Pumping the tire was easy. The large rubberized handle provided a stable grip. I know there are ?ratings? about how many strokes it takes to pump a tire. I never knew if these were based on full strokes or not. I did my own real world test with full strokes and it took 23 pumps to go from 0 to120 psi.


Even though I like the wide base, I have a suggestion for improvement. I would put non-skid strips on the ribbing. There have been times when I pumped a tire with my cycling shoes on and they slipped off the base. I would also consider putting non-skid pieces or rubber pads under the base.


I think the TrakPump Pro is a well designed and durable. It works with different tube types, has a large gauge, and pumps efficiently. Blackburn went even further by allowing easy and complete maintenance. If that fails, take advantage of the lifetime warranty. There?s no doubt in my mind, the TrakPump Pro will work for any occasion and remain durable for years. See the TrakPump Pro and other Blackburn products at

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