Armstrong set own fate by turning against Floyd

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10/23/2012| 2 comments
by Neil Browne
The Lance Armstrong legacy may not have been burned down to the foundation if Floyd had been given a nicer Trek Fotoreporter Sirotti

Armstrong set own fate by turning against Floyd

It was just a couple of inconsequential incidents that brought down a sport legacy.

Let’s not forget all of his personal sponsors kicked him to the curb. Finally, the London’s Sunday Times lost a slander lawsuit against Armstrong for a million dollars and they’re considering taking legal action to get their money back. Overall I’ve read reports which estimate Armstrong will lose up to 30 million dollars.

And of course there’s the federal whistle blower lawsuit that Landis may or may not be leveling at the Texan. That suit could be worth millions for Landis.

Sloppy doping and crappy equipment were the sparks that became the raging fire that burned the Lance Armstrong legacy down to the foundation. I think that LeoGrande’s lackadaisical attitude toward doping wasn’t enough to bring down Armstrong. It was Landis and his no-holds-barred style of attacking Armstrong and everyone associated with him that was the final ignition. And this may not have happened if Floyd had been given a nicer Trek.


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now can we cut Floyd a little slack? not just a crap stirrer anymore.


I can cut Floyd some slack, but I don't think the professional cycling world will, this is going to cost the business $500 million dollars before its over.