The Armstrong Question

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01/28/2013| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
The only way to move forward is to acknowledge the past Fotoreporter Sirotti

The Armstrong Question

The only way to move forward is to acknowledge the past.

the door. This huge sporting disaster that cycling finds itself in is something that was kept quiet for far too long. Only now has it become acceptable for professional riders to discuss doping out loud and say it’s wrong. So don’t complain now that it’s biting you in the butt.

My last bit of unasked advice to any pros who whine about having to answer the Armstrong question is to remember where you might be without this sport. Think about people like Conner and Cayden, who may not have a freakishly high VO2, but regardless are more of a hero than a rider who kept his mouth closed in order to maintain status quo and only opened it when it was safe to do so.

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Neil, this doping story isn't lingering because of the riders, its because of people like you, the sports writers that won't leave it alone. I don't blame any rider that doesn't answer any question about doping from a reporter, what ever a riders says to a reporter is almost always mis-quoted or mis-construed. If you really want this story to go away quickly, quit asking and writing about it, you writers are not going to be the people who fix it anyway.