The Armstrong Question

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01/28/2013| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
The only way to move forward is to acknowledge the past Fotoreporter Sirotti

The Armstrong Question

The only way to move forward is to acknowledge the past.

I’ve learned a few things since being involved in social media.

1. Don’t post anything while hungry.
2. Don’t post anything after a couple of alcoholic beverages.

The reason for these two simple lessons is that the posted comment is often made when your frontal lobe, or whatever part of your brain that makes mature decisions, isn’t working at full capacity. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve violated both the aforementioned points in the past. Maybe that’s why Omega Pharma-QuickStep’s Mark Cavendish was so peeved at a journalist’s question at the team presentation.

A journalist had the nerve to ask the Manx Missile a question regarding Lance Armstrong’s recent doping admission. With the aggression he usually reserves for the last 200 meters of a race, Cav unleashed on the journo telling him he wasn’t going to answer that question and then cried out for a team media liaison to remove the offending reporter. The nerve of that guy to ask a professional cyclist to comment on something that is the biggest story in modern sports! Take it from me, that kind of attitude will not get you that free Omega Pharma-QuickStep swag bag you were promised!

I suspect the real root of Cavendish’s anger was a case of low blood sugar making the sprinter quick to anger. As we all know Cavendish, like most sprinters, is calm and collected. However, sources tell me that after the team presentation those greedy journalists hoovered-up all the free grub leaving only scraps for the athletes! With nothing to eat, Cav was plopped in front of a group of well-fed journalists but whose hunger for quotes can never be satiated.

Seriously, I can see how Cavendish might be a little gun shy when it comes to the Armstrong question. He’s from a different generation of cycling (I’m not saying any better, just not one where rampant doping ruled the sport) and every time he picks up a newspaper “doping” and “cycling” are usually in the same sentence. Regardless, he doesn’t make things look any better when he has a hissy fit in front of the cameras.

Frankly it makes him look like a spoiled child lashing out because the questions aren’t going his way. My advice for Cav is to put on his big-boy undies and suck it up. The closer we get to the Tour de France, the more the Armstrong question is going to be asked. Be an adult and calmly repeat the Omega Pharma-QuickStep company line regarding this scandal and ask for the next question. The more often you spaz, the more often that question will be asked.

Speaking of dealing with journalists it seems like Team Sky’s Bradley Wiggins has had a sit down with upper-management on how to answer the “Armstrong question.” Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Wiggo had nothing but pleasant memories of racing against the Texan in the Tour de France. According to Team Garmin-Sharp manager Jonathan Vaughters, Armstrong and Wiggins were BFFs in the 2009 Tour. I heard that Lance passed Wiggins a note on the rest


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Neil, this doping story isn't lingering because of the riders, its because of people like you, the sports writers that won't leave it alone. I don't blame any rider that doesn't answer any question about doping from a reporter, what ever a riders says to a reporter is almost always mis-quoted or mis-construed. If you really want this story to go away quickly, quit asking and writing about it, you writers are not going to be the people who fix it anyway.