The Armstrong Interview - Was it all we had hoped for?

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01/21/2013| 1 comment
by Neil Browne

The Armstrong Interview - Was it all we had hoped for?

Step one towards redemption is complete. What's step two?

best ratings with 3.7 million.

I vacillate on my thoughts of Armstrong “winning” in the interview. On one hand Armstrong needed to come out and say something if ever wanted to return to a “normal” life. It was clear that unless he said something, anything, these accusations would continue to dog him his entire life and further damage the reputation of the Livestrong Foundation, something he referred to as his sixth child.

On the other hand it showed how Armstrong’s lack of remorse toward the people he ruined, or tried to, bordered on sociopathic. Throughout the interview he smirked and was never heartfelt in any apology. In fact when he called to apologize to Betsy Andreu he told her “I might have called you crazy, a bitch, but never fat.” Who says that in an apology?

In a recent article by Selena Roberts she writes that Lance’s mom, Linda Armstrong confided in Kathy LeMond, “Why didn’t her son feel anything?” Good question Linda, but in my opinion the answer might be looking you in the mirror.

On the other side of interviewing with the talk show host is how he could make those steps toward redemption. As Armstrong himself said many times, “it’s a process” which includes apologizing to numerous people. But it has also opened him up to a growing number of lawsuits.

First up is the lawsuit by SCA Promotions. This Texas-based insurance company paid a bonus to Armstrong for his Triple Crown and Tour victories. Now, rightful so, they want that money back – to the tune of 12 million dollars.

And there’s the Sunday Times that was sued by the Tour de France cheater and wrote a cheque for $500,000 to settle a libel suit. They want that back, plus fees, for a total of 1.5 million dollars.

And then there’s the biggest possible lawsuit yet – the whistleblower suit, which accuses Armstrong of defrauding the U.S. Postal Service for 30 million dollars, but that amount could reach 100 million. Ouch!

So it looks like Armstrong will receive a financial reaming that will make him walk bowlegged for years. So again, why sit down with Oprah?

Perhaps he looks at it from the standpoint that he was going to lose everything anyways, why not try to control the narrative once again? He can spin the story to his own liking.

In the interview Armstrong made numerous statements that were hard to believe. He never read “The Secret Race”? Knowing how Armstrong keeps tabs on all his enemies that claim is laughable. My own web show, which has an audience of a few thousand, was worth the time for Armstrong to call a recent guest and tell him to bow out. Armstrong went on to tell my guest (who still came on my show) that he would like to punch me in the throat. So yeah, I think Armstrong would have taken the time to read “The Secret Race.”

He claims that he was clean in his 2.0 comeback, but USADA’s report states that his blood values showed clear

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Well written, thanks Neil.