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07/31/2008| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary

The wife's 2008 Tour de France round-up.

pull off a big ride on the 9th August...

Anyway guys, thanks for all your support over the last three weeks. It's been yet another blast to have you all along for the ride. We absolutely love reading all your messages and they really do make a difference to Julian's morale. It's humbling to see so many people from all over the World supporting Julz, the farm boy from Waihi.

I guess for all you die-hard Tour fans, life will slip quietly back to normal until July '09. For those of you down in the Antipodes, the lounges-come-makeshift-bedrooms will be transformed back into lounges, with all sleeping accessories taken back to the bedroom, and you can now treat yourselves to a full night's sleep. Maybe even manage to bank a few z's through the day when nobody's looking.

I'd like to say that Julz will write a diary within the next couple of days for you, with his thoughts on his TdF but I'm not gonna promise you anything. I'm too knackered from being a single parent of two for 26 sleeps to take to him with the 'nagging' stick. I'll quietly suggest it nonetheless.

Carole Dean

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