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05/19/2009| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary

2009 Giro d'Italia: Stages 8 and 9.

just topped it all off. I felt that by opting not to race, we had the chance to make a statement and show some solidarity. It was the chance to show that we are a cohesive force and not just a group of puppets who seem to be constantly dictated to and who just take whatever is thrown their way. To me our sport is dangerous enough. At certain times it requires us to take risks and that is ok as that is what we choose to do. But when day after day we are put in unnecessarily dangerous conditions, it becomes a little too much and shows little respect for us from the race organizers as to what we do.

So after all the hooplah, a couple of teams started racing and after riding for 30km/hr for the first half of the stage, the race got underway. It's always hard when you've been mucking around the whole day to suddenly having to flick the switch on to race mode. Anyway, we did what we could to get Tyler up for the sprint. I did a pretty shit job as I veered away from my usual lead-out style, to try and incorporate the other boys in the team, which didn't work out too well. Next time I think that it might be a case of leading out like I did in the old Credit Agricole days where I wait back a little bit and then hit 'em at the last moment. Anyway, that's what we are here for; to try and get it right for the Tour. Today was a bit of a stuff up but I hope that we can get it right before Tyler leaves.

We had a 4 hour bus transfer after the stage to Cuneo, where we have spent our first rest day of the Giro. A 4 hour bus trip that was dominated by Whitey in his best story telling form so it went by pretty quickly. I needed it.

While I have been getting through ok we have two very hard weeks ahead of us. So today I tried t make the most of the rest day. I had a fairly pleasant one actually - despite the fact that we got woken up early by the UCI for doping control. I had a nice easy 3 hour ride (the sort that I hope to enjoy when I am retired from racing), an afternoon nap and a massage. Almost the perfect recovery day. Let's just hope that it puts me in good stead for the days ahead.

Tomorrow is the most epic stage of the Tour (Giro); it's 260 km which some sick ass climbs. I reckon that it's going to take the grupetto 8 hours.


The whole team here at Roadcycling.com wishes you great success in the 2009 Giro Julz! Burn rubber!

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