We have great racing and more cycling drama

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02/27/2012| 0 comments
by Neil Browne

We have great racing and more cycling drama

What a week of racing with the UCI stirring up the drama.

sponsor soon. That was followed by another tweet by fellow pro Allan Davis concerned about the future of the Tour of the Basque Country too.

This latest UCI press release seems like spin - focusing on a set of numbers that are to their liking - but further ignoring the real issues: distrust by the athletes and management, a public image of a group that cares mostly about lining their own pockets with euros under the guise of their separate race promotion entity Global Cycling Promotion (GCP), and generally acting like a mafia, in my opinion.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - in my opinion the UCI cronyism needs to stop and that means a regime change. McQuaid and those around him are too close to the money and wield too much power. From the Armstrong investigation to their move into race promotion, this power grab has turned a governing body into a despot.

Who can change this? I believe team managers can. But with any war, there will be a body count. Teams who buck the ruling body may find themselves excluded from races, team sponsors pressured, or if you really want to put on the tinfoil hats - riders might have problems with doping controls...

Regardless, we're only into the first month of this season's road racing and these issues will continue to crop up as the season continues.


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