USADA Cases Add More Layers to Cycling's Troubles

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10/13/2010| 0 comments
by Reuters

USADA Cases Add More Layers to Cycling's Troubles

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has sanctioned five cyclists in past two months.

pro cycling champion Kirk O'Bee, who last week received a lifetime suspension for a second doping offense.

O'Bee tested positive for EPO in 2009, but all his records since 2005 were stripped after authorities received computer records from his ex-girlfriend containing evidence O'Bee had bought performance-enhancing drugs over the Internet since at least 2005.

In September, cyclists Jonathan Chodroff and Duane Dickey each received USADA sanctions. Both had connections to Papp, who acknowledged the news on his Twitter account. "Saw that USADA gave Duane Dickey a life-ban. Sucks to be on any list, but especially the one that gets life bans," Papp wrote.

In February, Papp pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to sell human growth hormone and EPO over the Internet. Prosecutors said he earned more than $80,000 selling the drugs to 187 customers, including cyclists and other athletes.

USADA has long worked with federal authorities on doping cases, knowing evidence presented in federal cases can lead to sanctions that are under the anti-doping world's jurisdiction. Anti-doping authorities are also getting help from pharmaceutical companies, which signed a recent agreement to keep USADA and others informed about developing drugs that could have uses in doping.

USADA spokeswoman Erin Hannan said the organization is encourged by the development of "fully integrated mechanisms for ensuring effective anti-doping" measures.


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