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09/6/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne. Thomas Valentinsen contributed to this article
Tyler Hamilton (Team Rock Racing) and Blake Caldwell (Team Garmin-Chipotle) fight their way to the finish line. Photo copyright <A HREF="http://pa.photoshelter.com/usr-show/U0000yEwV90OAoAE" TARGET="_BLANK">Ben Ross</A>.
Tyler Hamilton (Team Rock Racing) and Blake Caldwell (Team Garmin-Chipotle) fight their way to the finish line. Photo copyright Ben Ross.

Tyler Hamilton Interview - Part 1

Roadcycling.com reporter Dave Osborne talks to Tyler Hamilton about winning the US Pro Road Cycling Championships, the very exciting finish, and his transition from Team Tinkoff to Rock Racing.

respectful ride but I knew it was the day before the road race and I knew I had done both last year. I had done respectfully in both but, in my opinion, it is better to win one than be even second in both. Hopefully, some day, we will have a day or two break in between so you also get a bit of a stronger start to begin with. With that being said, nobody was going to beat Dave Zabriskie regardless.

DO: There was some talk that maybe you were going to work for another teammate in the race. Was that a preconceived strategy and then it just so happened you were?

TH: Fred Rodriguez, if you compare the both of us, I am typically a better stage racer, he's typically a better one day racer. Just the results over both of our careers show that pretty distinctively. Freddy's won, I believe, three U.S. Pro Championships and he was strong this year in Philadelphia. He's been our go to guy. He's got a great sprint on him. He can get to the line with the front runners. He's good for money in the bank as anybody.

DO: It was an obviously extremely exciting finish.

TH: That being said, Freddy had a mechanical problem going up the last time up the hill so that took him out of contention, so. He regrouped a little bit on the descent there coming into Greenville before the circuits and a group of 25 riders with only one (from) Rock Racing. I felt like I had to be aggressive. With that being said, I didn't feel like I could be somewhat conservative and made my move. It takes a little luck, that's for sure. I don't think I was the strongest guy in the race, that's for sure.

DO: Did you know at the line that you had won?

TH: When I finished?

DO: Yes.

TH: It was – man it was close. I knew I was coming up on him and I knew that's when I did my best bike throw possible. It wasn't – it probably could have been a little bit better but, you know, after riding a 115 miles in the heat and the humidity of South Carolina, I gave it my best shot. You know, I had been slipstreaming and Garmin-Chipotle had the numbers and I just kind of forced a pull on the last lap there. I knew the chance of my beating him – I really probably had a better chance to win the race because of that. I think I topped him pretty well and I had taken a look at the finish line at the start there, kind of studied it a little bit. You never know and sure enough, it paid off. But, yes man, it was close. I think if it was any closer, it would have been a tie. Even like, a centimeter less. I can't imagine if it would have been any closer, not saying it was a tie.

DO: Well, I guess


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