Tuck and Roll: Finding the Right Aero Bar Style

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10/15/2008| 0 comments
by Ryan Kohler

Tuck and Roll: Finding the Right Aero Bar Style

If you watched any of the time trial stages for Tour de France last July you saw a wild variety of aero bar positions.

time for your arms and shoulders to grow strong enough to hold your body in place.

One trick I’ve picked up when it comes to adapting the body to aero bars is, assuming the rest of your bike fits well (cleats, saddle position, etc.), to make sure your forearms are comfortable, i.e. they don’t feel pinched, they hit the pads in a way that makes you feel like you could leave them there for the whole ride. Once you establish that position, no matter what it is, I’ve found that the rest takes care of itself.

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