SIDI Ergo 2 Carbon Cycling Shoes Review

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10/7/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
SIDI Ergo 2 Carbon cycling shoe.
SIDI Ergo 2 Carbon cycling shoe.

SIDI Ergo 2 Carbon Cycling Shoes Review

The fit is the best we’ve experienced so far. Comfort is worth paying for.

a descriptive technical guide with illustrations. They show and explain all the adjustments. In addition, you can’t go wrong with cleat mounting, which the technical guide also covers. It illustrates mounting of all the major brands of cleats to include Look, Shimano, Speedplay, and Campy.

I know sole rigidity and power transfer is important. I grunted and groaned from a high-gear standing start. The SIDI was solid, and I didn’t detect any mushiness. There was a positive feedback among my leg, shoe, and the bike. Don’t overlook the stiffness of the body of the shoe. Sometimes, the sole may be rigid, but too much flex from the shoe itself can feel like you’re walking in sand. I didn’t feel like my foot was rolling over the sole of the SIDI.

Wait, there’s still more! The features of this shoe, not the least of which is the carbon namesake, are virtually endless. The variable thickness of the carbon sole allows solid power transfer without numbing your foot. The rubberized heal pad provided confidence even when walking on slippery cement. This pad is one of the many replacement parts available from SIDI. I like the hard plastic outer covering on the side of the heel area. It provides more protection than fabric when you brush against the crankarm with your heel. There are small but bright red reflectorized areas on the rear of the shoe. These add to visibility and safety.

SIDI ERGO 2 Carbon Features

·          Designed for the high-performance, high-mileage cyclist

·          Patented full carbon sole balances power transfer and foot health

·          Adjustable heel security system prevents power robbing heel lift

·          Breathable, supple, durable Lorica microfiber upper with cooling mesh inserts

·          Patented Techno II buckle system and caliper buckle for easy on the bike fit adjustment

·          Soft instep closure system and padded tongue eliminate pressure points

·          High security velcro won’t shift or slip

·          Vented, reflective heel cup

·          Sizes 39-48. Half and wide sizes available.

The combination Lorica/mesh body allows for breathability and toughness. The Lorica is also water repellant. Combine that with moisture wicking socks, and my feet stayed dry and cool. At this time of year, I wasn’t able to determine if the black shoe that I received for testing would get too hot during high summer temperatures.

Sizing is as endless as the features of the shoe. I fluctuate between standard and wide width shoes. I ordered standard width in the SIDIs and they seemed slightly narrow to me the first time I put them on. However, it no longer felt that way after regular use. I would have liked to try on their wide width for comparison. In keeping with innovation, SIDI also offers women’s specific sizing.

Subsequent rides wearing the SIDIs confirmed my feelings about them. The fit is the best I’ve experienced. They adjust with ease, and my feet don’t get hot. The price may be more than others, but considering the fit and features, it is money well spent. I can

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