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03/10/2010| 0 comments
by Thomas A. Valentinsen
Philip Deignan interview. Photo by Tim de Waele.
Philip Deignan interview. Photo by Tim de Waele.

Philip Deignan Interview - Part 1's Thomas A. Valentinsen talks with Cervelo TestTeam's Philip Deignan in Algarve, Portugal about riding for Cervelo TestTeam, his preparations and goals for the 2010 season, about almost quitting cycling, and about escaping to Europe without telling your parents.

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Is this because your goals are located late in the season?

Yeah. My season doesn't start until the 2010 Vuelta a Murcia in March so I have a bit of time to get ready. So I suppose it's been a steadier build-up this year for races later in the season.

Once of the changes that your move to Cervelo TestTeam brought with it is the fact that you've now got a personal coach. Has your new coach made any changes to the way you prepare for the season compared to before you teamed up with him?

Yes he has. I rest a lot more between hard rides and I focus a lot more on the quality of the training than on the quantity. Also last year was the first year that I was training properly with a power meter as well. Before it was more based on heart rate and feel and I would go out according to a set plan and I would stick to that. A couple of split days where I go out in the morning and in the afternoon and then one or two long rides, threshold rides - various aspects that I never really did before.

Are there any specific personal limiters that you've decided to target in order to become an even better cyclist and further improve the chances of achieving your cycling goals?

Yes. Time trialing is probably my weakness. It was a limiter last season so I will definitely work on that. I will also focus more on core body work in the gym and try to be steadier on the bike. I will also try to improve my climbing as well and be able to last in the long distance races of around 250 k, which is something I feel that I'm getting better and better at every year.

One of your big ambitions for the 2010 season is to perform well in the one week races?

Yes. Races like the 2010 Dauphine Libere and the 2010 Tour of California are on my radar. The Tour of California takes place in May this year and this should work better for me because I can usually go better later on in the season. Plus the weather will be a bit better. Last year the weather was really bad there.

It's no secret that you've suffered your share of accidents and injuries in the past and that you were about to give up cycling before moving to Cervelo TestTeam from AG2R. How has this move affected your life?

Oh it has just changed my whole outlook on cycling. Before the move I was pretty close to just throwing it all in because I had had so many bad years and so much suffering on the bike. If you can't compete at the front of the race then there's no point in being there and for a couple of years I really struggled, but then people said to me you really need to just give it another shot


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