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03/15/2010| 0 comments
by Thomas A. Valentinsen
Philip Deignan (Cervelo TestTeam). Photo copyright Tim de Waele.
Philip Deignan (Cervelo TestTeam). Photo copyright Tim de Waele.

Philip Deignan Interview - Part 2's Thomas A. Valentinsen talks with Cervelo TestTeam's Philip Deignan in Algarve, Portugal about riding for Cervelo TestTeam, his preparations and goals for the 2010 season, about almost quitting cycling, and about escaping to Europe without telling your parents.

they still thought I was in England studying, so they weren't too happy when they found out that I had left university. I was just 20 and I couldn't get the courage to tell them that I had left university.

So how did your parents find out?

Oh I just had to call them after a few weeks because they kept ringing the place where I was supposedly staying in England for university and asking for me and I wasn't there, so I had to eventually call them and tell them that I was in France racing. Any parents want their child to get a solid and stable upbringing and a good education, so cycling probably doesn't really fit into that category. It's dangerous and careers don't really last too long, so they weren't very happy to start with, but now they understand the sport a lot more, so they are ok about it now.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us at I wish you great success in the 2010 season and beyond. Good luck with your GC ambitions Philip.

You're welcome - and thank you!

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