Pedalite Sheds Some Light on Bicycle Safety

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12/7/2009| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Pedalite Baglite.
Pedalite Baglite.

Pedalite Sheds Some Light on Bicycle Safety reviews bicycle safety products from Pedalite.

bit! It can face forward, sideways, or to the rear.

My test unit was a non-elastic band. Sizing wasn't a problem but the stiffness of the band was. You thread the band through a buckle and fold it back over itself. Unless the fold was exactly over the portion where there wasn't any Velcro, I found myself pushing the flap of hook Velcro down on the pile to stay in place.

Large portions of the straps have highly reflective material on them. I'm talking much more than thin piping you might find in some clothing. In direct light, they shined brilliant white. This thoughtfulness shows how much Pedalite has addressed the needs for safety and being seen. The lights flash in an attention getting sequence I've never seen before. The multiple colors and directional indication creates further visibility.

There's one last thing about Pedalite products, NO BATTERIES! Everytime I got back from a ride, I habitually wanted to plug them into the charger or check the battery life. There is absolutely no need to do anything with Pedalite products other than to turn them off. As long as they are exposed to light from any source, the solar unit will recharge. No batteries and no charger are needed, ever! Be seen, be safe, and be green with Pedalite.

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