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03/25/2009| 0 comments
by Mark Higgins

Lance Armstrong Interview

We got the opportunity to ask Lance Armstrong a some questions about his injury, his Tour de France participation and plans for the rest of the season. The fracture is angulated and displaced a little more than a clean fracture so the injury is worse than first announced.

minds and that’s about five weeks away.  In my opinion I think the Giro is still very doable.

Is your training for the 2009 Tour de France still very doable?

LA: This is definitely a setback, there’s no doubt.  It’s the biggest setback I’ve had in my cycling career so it’s a new experience for me.  Fortunately I’ve done a lot of off-season work that I think will help me through this.  I think my condition was really coming to a place where I was going to be able to ride at the front of the races and that’s good news/bad news.  Bad news that I wasn’t able to show it in the races but the good news is that if you get injured with good form you can come back with decent aren’t starting from rock bottom. 

You must be exhausted.  What about your mindset and emotions and are you willing to ride the Giro at something other than a competitive level?

LA: I am exhausted, primarily from the stress of the crash but also the trip.  I literally landed in Austin about an hour ago.  It’s been a long couple of days so it’s hard to think about those things.  But I can’t lie, these things have gone through my mind—how (will I) approach it?  Will (I) even be able to approach it?  Then again, we’ll know more in the next week. We’ll know a lot.  Once we get the surgery done tomorrow, get out of there with those 72 hours of rest…the quicker I can get on the bike then we’ll know.  Even if I went into the Giro underprepared and used it as preparation for other events I’d still be excited to go and do that.

Did you know immediately that you’d broken it when you hit the ground?

LA: I’d never done this before.  I knew it hurt like hell and whenever you have a big pain like that your mind tells you to feel it to make sure nothing is sticking out but at the same time you’re a little scared to feel it!  So I took a quick brush with my hand over my collarbone and what I thought were cables from my radio in fact weren’t. So I realized then it was broken pretty good.

Was there any moment of thought where you wondered if this comeback was cursed or questioning if you still wanted to do it?

LA: Lying in the ditch in that situation yesterday, yeah, yeah…but I think that’s normal.  You’re lying there and asking ‘What the hell am I doing here?’  But I think perhaps that’s a normal reaction and I don’t feel that way today necessarily although I’m feeling a lot of pain and ready to get this behind me.  It was a shock, definitely a shock and again I’ve raced bikes for a long, long time and never had anything like that.

Were you pissed off?

LA: No, quite honestly, it’s part of racing and to go as long as I’ve gone without having something happening like

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