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10/2/2008| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen

Johan Bruyneel Interview

Johan Bruyneel talks about preparing Team Astana for 2009.

to support this project.

But the question remains, is Lance Armstrong prepared to work for other riders like Alberto Contador?

That’s a question that Lance answered himself last week in Las Vegas – Yes.  He knows that the decisions are made in the team car and he understands the philosophy – the same one we’ve always had – we work for the strongest rider.  This is not the first time that big names have all been on the same team.  It has worked out in the past and I’m confident for the same in 2009.  The media is looking to pit these two riders against each other.  It’s the end of the season and they need something to write about.

Until now, you have 21 riders for 2009. Will you be adding more riders to the 2009 Team Astana roster?

Yes, five more riders will join the team.  Another Spaniard, Jesús Hernández who is a good climber and the regular training mate of Alberto.  Then four neo-pro Kazakh riders, who showed a lot of potential last year on the Kazakh Ulan Team.  It is the goal of Kazakhstan to develop the next generation of professional riders so we took a close look at many young Kazakhs and believe that these four are ready to take the next step in their cycling careers.  We’re excited for them to join our squad and we will continue to work with them on their development.


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