Hard Men Shed Blood and Sweat to Win in Roubaix

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04/9/2010| 0 comments
by Reuters
Paris-Roubaix. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.
Paris-Roubaix. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.

Hard Men Shed Blood and Sweat to Win in Roubaix

Sunday's 2010 Paris-Roubaix caps string of tough, one-day classics.

feet. The rider's fixed expression barely changed. His only interest was to rejoin the race.

A flood of profanity poured out of White once Maaskant was back up and moving.

"You better get the doctor to spray something on those wounds, Martijn, so you don't get infected for next week," White said.

Maaskant, favored for Paris-Roubaix, pedaled to a woman leaning out of a moving car with a large spray bottle. He peeled off his torn spandex arm warmers and exchanged them for fresh ones with Goiburu through the rear window of the team car.

"You can get everything thrown at you in one day out here," Farrar later said.

"It's the most beautiful day of racing in the year. Wind, rain, mud, sun, cold, warmth, small technical roads, cobbles, pretty brutal climbs. There's never an undeserving winner."

Farrar's Canadian teammate Svein Tuft, 32, also crashed out of the Tour of Flanders, and watched the finish from a television set in the team bus, his neck in a cervical collar. "I'm racing against guys who have been on these roads since they were 12. I started racing when I was 23, and I didn't come over to Europe until I was 31," Tuft said.

"I still have a lot to learn. This local knowledge is important, all the different climbs, all the corners."

But Tuft was smiling in spite of the pain and not having finished the race.

"Sometimes when you come out into the wind and there's nothing you can do, no amount of pedaling will put back into the group, but you've protected your guy, done your job, got him into the final selection," Tuft said.

"It's very satisfying to contribute. Then you're happy on the day."


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