Christian Vande Velde Exits 2010 Tour de France

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07/5/2010| 0 comments
by Thomas A. Valentinsen

Christian Vande Velde Exits 2010 Tour de France

A crash-marred Stage 2 of the 2010 Tour de France saw five Team Garmin-Transitions riders hit the tarmac.

hard to get myself ready to be here again and I was just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm indescribably disappointed to not be starting tomorrow. I wish everyone luck - my team and all the other riders at this Tour de France. I don't ever want to have to see another day like today, whether I'm in the race or not.

Garmin-Transitions' Tyler Farrar of the U.S sits on the road after a crash in the second stage of the Tour de France cycling race from Brussels to Spa, July 5, 2010.  REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel (BELGIUM - Tags: SPORT CYCLING)

Tyler Farrar:

One minute I was riding down the descent and  the next minute I was sliding. That was the first crash. I got back up and started descending again and I have no idea what happened; all of the sudden my front wheel was gone and I was on the ground again. That's the one where I knew something was very wrong.  I rode the last 30k with one hand. I laid my left hand on the handlebars but that's all I could do. I have a fracture in my wrist and banged up my elbow pretty badly. No one wants to quit the Tour de France, so you'll push yourself a lot more through the pain than you will in any other bike race in the world. I'm determined to start tomorrow and as of this moment, that's the plan.

Julian Dean:

Today was just one of those days where I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I tried to snake a trail through the falling riders around me but it was to no avail. I hit the road hard and could sense right away that I was not coming out of this one lightly.
Post stage examinations and x rays all come back with nothing overly serious. I am more than a little sore where I took the impact on my back but I think I'll be ok. So goes the Tour de France. It's back on the bike to do it all again tomorrow.

David Millar:

Today was definitely in my top five worst days on a bike, ever, and that's a big cull considering the length of my career. My first crash was a simple race incident where Christian, Julian and myself were well positioned at the front, but someone in front of us lost control before the Stockeu. This didn't bother me, I just lost some skin on my left side, but it made me more diligent to be at the front at the Stockeu.  Whitey kept reminding us to be at the front over the top to avoid crashes, and that's where we were even after the chase of the previous crash. Within only 200 meters of cresting I could see Lance fall about 10 places in front of me on a straight road. When I saw that happen I knew something wasn't right -  and that was immediately followed by my wheels disappearing from under me and my sliding across the ground. As I came to a standstill, Christian passed and asked if I was all right, to which I replied yes and got right back on my bike. At this point there

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