Cervelo Debuts the P4 at Interbike

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09/25/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Cervelo P4
Cervelo P4

Cervelo Debuts the P4 at Interbike

Cervelo introduces its next-generation time trial bike.

drag values in the tunnel, this is only the case because there, the front wheel is perfectly in line with the downtube. In reality, the rider constantly makes small steering adjustments, which stalls the airflow onto the downtube and increases the drag," said a Cervelo spokesperson.
Rear Brake
Although almost invisible to the eye, the P4's rear brake is a real eye opener. The P4’s custom rear brake is fully integrated into the frame design.  The brake, fully designed and developed by vroomen.white.design, is recessed into an alcove immediately behind the bottom bracket. By using a recess instead of placing the brake above or underneath the chainstays as is commonly done, the brake is not only invisible to the eyes but, more importantly, to the wind. Thanks to the structural carbon brake booster, the brake has the same power and modulation as a Shimano Dura Ace brake while being 30% lighter. The brake booster is easy to remove for full brake service and allows access to the brake mechanism for quick adjustments on the road. Looks like Shimano and SRAM have got work to do.

Hydration has long been a challenge on aero bikes, with traditional bottle shapes corrupting the efficiencies of proper airfoil tubes.  The 570 ml water bottle on the P4 smoothly integrates the down tube, seat tube and bottom bracket in a single aero form. The design reduces the drag typically associated with bottles mounted on the down tube, seat tube or behind the saddle and in fact, the P4 is faster with the bottle than without. No details about the water bottle materials were disclosed. While an integrated water bottle is a great idea we've been looking forward to seeing for years now, we do hope that the water bottle will not be made from plastic material containing any substances that may cause harm to the human body.

According to Cervelo, the P4 bottle is the same for all frame sizes, is easy to grab, easy to drink from and refillable on the go.  P4 owners have the option to replace the bottle with a utility box (handy for Dura Ace 7900 batteries, spare tubes, mini pump and tools) or a structural stiffener.
Pricing and Availability
The Cervelo P4 will be available as a frameset in late December 2008 and will retail for US$4,800.  Beginning in late January 2009, The P4 will also be available as a complete bike with SRAM Red components for US$6800.

Visit www.cervelo.com for further details.


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